Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hot Cider

The good news: There's a sneak preview of the new Christopher Guest film, For Your Consideration, tonight at the Walter Reade Theater.

The terrible news: It costs 90 dollars.

The everything will be just fine news: It opens for real on Friday, November 17th. I am psyched. I'd heard after A Mighty Wind that Guest would stop doing mockumentaries. Then, a while ago, I heard he'd be making a movie, with the usual cast members, and Ricky Gervais. If you're a person who talks about "The Office" and isn't referring to the original British version, you probably don't know Ricky. (I still haven't seen the American Office out of pure protest, but I'm gonna pull a Yankee fan and say that it couldn't possibly be better than the original. Please give it a try, and, at the very least, please don't say "The Office" unless you mean the real one. (And I love Steve Carell, so I really should watch the American one, but, still, come on.) Also check out Gervais' newer series, Extras, whose second season is long overdue in my book.)

Gervais thrust into the Guest world should prove magical. It seems like I've been waiting for this for years, and now I'm seeing the subway advertisements. The time has almost come.

[Thanks to the writers of two defunct blogs for pushing me toward the Gervais way, one directly and one indirectly.]

Photo from blackfilm.com.

My take on the UK v US "The Office."

The US version is a really, really great TV show. The UK version is one of the five best comedy series ever created on TV.

See, at first, the US version sucked dick because it was too close to the UK one and not nearly as funny. But, it's hit it's stride by becoming something 100% different, which allows someone like me- who was similarly protest-ful- to enjoy it. It's just a show that happens to share a vague premise and the name. It's a good time.

I cant believe anyone seeing the UK version and not finding it vastly superior, however.
Also- did you ever end up hearing the Gervais/ Merchant podcasts? Holy Christ on a crutch that shit was funny.
No, I gotta hear those! Thanks. I'll look into it. I probably didn't do it before because I didn't know how or something. But I should be able to figure it out.

Thanks for your opinion re: The American or lesser Office. I'm glad it's its own deal now, but why not change the name or something? And the way people say "The Office," so clueless that there was an original, it kills me. But maybe I'll give it a shot. (I do refer to Three's Company as if it were not based on a British show, which it was...)

The only reason I see for people who've seen both to not like the original is that it's hard to understand the lines sometimes, because of the thick British accents, and also words that mean nothing to us. What I did was, after watching the episodes once, watched again with English subtitles on.
The Michael Douglas film, "Traffic" was excellent, but it was an interpretation of the British mini-series (same title) which was utterly outstanding--a TV movie yet!
Ah, the Brits.
And getting back to baseball, I sent the my Hansack photos (pitching his first game in Toronto), plus my ticket stub to my agent's daughter who is in the Peace Corps in Nicaragura and she emailed me to say that even though she knows absolutely nuthin' about baseball or beisbol, her boyfriend went gonzo, grabbed the photos and ticket stubs and spent his lunch time going all over town making sure every single person--man, woman and child--saw my package. Julia doesn't understand the phenomenal reception but is damned impressed.
I think by this point, I like the American version way better. And I had to be FORCED to watch the office, it sucked so much.

Now, it's amazing how subtly they get across all these people's go-nowhere, isolated and lonely lives. And Stamford CT is prominent in the new season. Seriously, every time I watch it I feel terrible for these people just wasting their lives away...

The British version was very funny, but I didn't think it had much substance beyond that. Also, I think they were reaching for funny too much at times, and it looked a bit forced.

Does this confession get me excommunicated? I still like the Red Sox.
No X-com. However, when I read your comment in my email, I accidentally hit the "report spam" button, which is right next to the "keep as new" button! So I hope you don't get some message that says "Your e-mail was returned due to the recipient ex-communicating you from his blog, despite your claim of continued Red Sox fandom." It's not true, it's not true!

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