Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hitler, Nevada

Fuckwads in middle of nowhere to make freedom illegal.

That's right, a town in Nevada has made it against the law to place a rectangular piece of cloth that doesn't have red and white stripes and a blue field with fifty white stars on it up on a pole. Terrible job.

I propose a country called Whitetrashia, where all the bigots can go and live by themselves without having to worry about brown skin or nonsensical languages. The beauty part is, once they're all locked inside this walled country, they realize they've just entered a vessel which will be shot out into space never to be heard from again.

Who will build the ship, though? Come on, scientists. Get on this.

Also, I saw a billboard in CT this weekend, and, well, click here.

That's terrible. Geez, what did they do to that poor guy's butt?
I don't know, something with sharp objects. To see the actual billboard I saw live on Interstate 95, just go to (All part of the same site.)

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