Monday, November 27, 2006

Helping Out, 15-30 Seconds At A Time

What's with Jimmy Smits and all the public service announcements? We all remember the trio from the 80s I posted here. Then I saw him doing one before the previews at the last movie I saw, along with a few other celebs. Then I saw one on TV yesterday, something about the PAL, in which he "hangs out" with some "youths" on a basketball court. At one point, he does a "rap guy pose." You know, like in the eighties, when the clean-cut white suburban dad in any sit-com or movie would at some point reluctantly turn his hat sideways and pose with his kids by wrapping his arms very awkwardly around his body.

That Smits, he really cares about the public.

In Red Sox news, bla bla bla Manny bla bla bla trade talk, etc, etc. I'll continue to only post real news here.


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