Sunday, November 26, 2006

Football Stuff

Even if I stop caring about every sport, I'll always be happy when the teams I hate lose. This is the case with football. I left the Giants game on today in the background, while I did stuff on the computer. I noticed they were up 21-7 in the fourth, but the Titans had the ball, so I started rooting. The Giants proceeded to blow what had been a 21-0 lead. The Titans' QB was about to be sacked on a 4th and 10, with time running out, down 21-14. That was the game right there. But the dude who was sacking him decided to just release his grip for some reason. QB then ran for, like, 20 yards. Then they tied it up. At this point, it was up to Eli Manning to completely blow the game. I am a Peyton Manning hater, have been ever since he was in college. So having his dopey little brother playing for my most hated team is such a bonus. I've got this alternate Peyton to root against right in my back yard. Anyway, this guy is a bigger choke artist than Peyton is. So when he had the ball, in a tie game and only a couple of minutes left, it wasn't "will he throw an interception," but "will the interception he throws be returned for a game winning touchdown?"

Of course, he gets picked off. (By Pacman Jones. Come on.) The Titans then got into FG range, and kicked it through for the win with seconds remaining.




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