Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Electile Disrespect Funkadeliction

It's looking good for anti-Republicans like me. Dems are winning key races. I saw an interesting thing on the news. People in Rhode Island have voted out a Republican who's an anti-war, pro-choice liberal and is considered essentially the opposite of Bush. A poll found that 30 or 35 per cent of voters coming out of the booth in Rhode Island said they voted him out because they "thought" he was too similar to Bush! Okay, I guess that means that a lot of RIers aren't paying attention, but that doesn't really matter. What matters is that the guy's a Republican, the people are sick of them, and are voting them out in order to put the overall power on the other side.

So maybe they are paying attention, and what they're saying is, "The sole fact that you're a Republican means you're too similar to Bush! Out!"

(Why doesn't that guy just switch parties at this point, by the way?)

The bad thing about some of these Democrats is that they're just Republicans in disguise. I'd be really happy if the house and senate go over to the Dems, but I still wish we were in a place where we had Green and other party candidates regularly winning major offices. The Democrats are too Republican for me. But, nonetheless, I'm rooting for them tonight.

Looks like that hawk Joe Leiberman has won in my home state of Connect (Four: Pret-ty sneaky, sis) icut. If you haven't been folllowing this, Ned LaMont won the primary over Joe, causing him to run as an independent. Since CT is predominantly independent, Joe was able to win tonight. However, my mom says that LaMont standing up against the war and against Bush and against Leiberman's crush on Bush set the tone for the Dems, and if they do gain power back, he should get the credit.

Chan and I agree that LaMont's commercials were kind of dumb, and Chan says that's what did him in. (We get the CT candidates' ads because a lot of people there, as I know too well, get the New York local channels.) One ad showed a Sox fan and a Yankee fan (both total actors) saying that they disagreed on sports but agreed that LaMont is better than Joe or whatever. That's so "politician." Pick a side, man. Connecticut doesn't want a guy who's gonna root for both the Red Sox and Yankees! You might as well say you're for and against the Iraq War. Another ad was a "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" takeoff. Chan said that's the one that lost it for him. It was all old-timey, and he said "darn" in it. Kinda dumb. I'm just sayin.' Too bad he couldn't have taken Joe out of there.

Hillary kicked butt in my current state tonight.

This just in: Ridicupublican Nancy Johnson is getting her butt kicked in CT's distrcit 5, my former district. Nice job, old neighbors!

The Greens await our evolution. 2 -
3% of the vote here in ColEEEfornia. Arnold landslides opponent - good GD grief. Green candidate for Governor too intelligent for commercial success.
RIDICUpublican?!? I just noticed that. Don't you mean RUATOpublican????

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