Wednesday, November 15, 2006


It's only November 15th, and not only is Thanksgiving here, but so is Christmas, and next year's baseball season. Pretty soon we'll all just do everything at once, including all events from future years. Your schedule will look like this:

9 AM: eat next Thursday's breakfast
9:15 AM: complete your lifetime teeth-brushing duties
10 AM: 2014 New Year's Gala
Noon: Attend infant son's 50th Wedding anniversary bash
2:00 PM: Eat July 14th, 2012's lunch
3:00 PM: Attend own funeral
5:00 PM: End stupid joke that's going nowhere. [Note: Matty Sox just commented while I'm doing a new post for the 1,000th time.]

Newsom show was awesome last night. Same show as previous night, different city. The Boston crowd seemed as into it as the NY crowd.

More on Mite-y Mouse soon. A lot more.

Sweet! What do I win?

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