Saturday, November 11, 2006


Sheff gone. I just can't wait to hear him bad-mouth the Yanks even more now.

Sunday morning now. And now, on this grey but warm day, we hear that the Yanks have or are about to trade Jared Wright to the O's for one more pitcher, who is considered, by whom I do not know, to be one of the top O's guys. And of course dinero included. A trend?? seems so.
And I just heard on CNN, or CNBC, or the Today show, since it is early Sunday AM, that Fidel, as I said in commenting on one a your month-ago posts, is suffering from cancer. Cancer of the stomach or somewhere near. Forgive me for not shedding any eye wetness. Enjoy your Sunday. P.S, Have you seen any of the video from Japanese TV showing the "gyroball? I have....Love to hear your thoughts. He might be wearing our uniform next year, rounding out a better than OK 5 man rotation.
Agreed.peter,That would be a better then ok 5 man rotation watch out yankees!
Peter, I linked to the story, which has a video, last March:
(Peter) You're forgiven for not shedding any eye wetness re: Fidel. What cannot be forgiven however is your swallow-the-whole-thing facist propoganda dribble. Why even mention it?
Yeah, Peter, I'm wondering what that had to do with anything. Besides, we wouldn't want anythng like free health care for all here in OUR country...
First of all, it's pretty widely considered that Matsuzaka does NOT throw the gyroball, despite some peripheral reports to the contrary. The two pitches that may be most commonly mistaken for them on various youtubes are a sharp SHARP breaking slider, and a really ridiculous split/ two seamer that dips with pretty drastic screwball action.

Second, I wouldn't call Chris Britton (Yankees bounty for Wright) anything special at all, certainly not close to being one of their "top guys." What they got from Detroit, however- specifically Humberto Sanchez and Daniel Whelan- was a GREAT return. That was a stellar trade for the Yankees.

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