Monday, November 20, 2006

10 Is For Gedman

My ten-game plan renewal form arrived in the mail! '07 begins! And the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special is on. What an awesome what I would be saying if I hadn't just realized that the Thanksgiving show is easily the shittiest Charlie Brown special there is. Linus sounds like he's reached puberty. Sally is fucking up lines left and right. Hell, they make Peppermint Pattie the star--gimme less of her and way more of Pigpen.

Oh, right, the plan. Two Yankees games as usual, and I assume we'll get the chance to buy first round playoff tix. Maybe the team could, like, make it this year. Lucchino has included a letter with my form that states We are rededicating ourselves to returning to "October Baseball."

Yes, he capitalized it. Hey, at what point did they undedicate themselves to this? I never got that letter.

He also mentions "Year VI" of the Fenway improvements. I like that the improvements are like Rocky films. This offseason, Clubber Lang has knocked out those walls behind the third base grandstand, which will make walking over there much better. Good move. Larry also mentioned what I already read on the site, that they purposely added more weekday afternoon games, as per our (?) request. Great, more games for WTIC AM 1080 Hartford to pre-empt for Rush Limbaugh--provided they aren't carrying the god damn Yankees next year.

That's really funny... I made it a point to watch A C.B. Thanksgiving last night. Toast and popcorn! Awesome! But no. I couldn't finish watching it. Sad, really.
My prediction? PAIN.
Sally was really the Sophia Coppola of Charlie Brown Holiday Specials.

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