Saturday, November 25, 2006

'06-'07 Quiz VIII

What two players shared the AL Player of the Week Award for the last week of the 1978 regular season?

Quiz VI and VII remain unsolved.

Dennis Eckersley and Doug DeCinces
By the way, I was at the Indians/Yankees Rick Waits game on the final day of the regular season at The Stadium (Sunday, 10/1), wearing a Cleveland cap. Before the game I went down and hung over the Cleveland dugout, and pleaded with them to win that day...I remember asking Gary Alexander "Wouldn't you rather see the Sox win the division?" He looked at me like I was on crack. But he did hit a huge HR against Catfish Hunter that day. I remember walking out of the Stadium in the middle of a bunch of silent, angry Yankee fans...just like 25 years later walking out of Game 6 of the '03 ALCS. Too bad that, in each case, the next day sucked.
Good call on Eck. That's one. You'll get 2.5 for him. No on DeCinces.

That's an awesome story! Seriously, send me any classic pics you've got and I'll do a special on it.
Jim Rice
Good guess. But wrong.
Fred Lynn
BTW, I think I actually do have some pictures of the Indians warming up before that game. Have to check at my folks' house.
Nice. No on Lynn.
Bob Stanley
Bob Stanley is an excellent guess, Amy!


Luis Tiant
No Steamer, no Tiante.
Carl Yastrzemski
No Yaz.
Kinda surprised it wasn't Rice or DeCinces, given that they both had big weeks.

Toby Harrah
No on Toby 'drome-o.
I'm curious as to your source for this...old tape of TWIB?
I'll tell you after we get the answer. Not an old TWIB, though.
Bucky Dent? Hate to name a Yankee player - but that was the year that the sox/yankees had the one game play-off to determine the American East league title.
That game didn't count in the final week. They were named before that game was played. No on Dent. That was part of what was so horrible about the Dent thing. That he never did shit before that.
Rick Burleson
Mike Torrez
No on the Rooster, no on the cock.

(Thanks for the setup, you two.)
Yeah, I was thinking about Bucky F. Dent, but I couldn't bring myself to actually guess that tool.

Carlton Fisk
Good thing I didn't guess that one. ;-)
ha. No on Pudge.
Ron Guidry
Nice! Guidry is correct. How'd you get it?
Figured it had to be someone in the pennant race, retrosheeted a couple guys, in the last week, Gids was 2-0, 1 run, 5 hits, in two complete games...looked like a good guess.
2.5 for Matty, 2.5 for AJM.
Well nice job, then. I found out watching an old tape I have which has the end of the 78 playoff. Bill White announces it. Both Eck and LL had 2 nice performances each.

AJM is gonna be pissed he's missing all this. He must've headed out into the real world right when I announced when the clues would be.
Ar-r-r-r-gh! I go out for dinner with my wife, my sister and my parents, and Jere starts throwing out clues! I guess I just have to stay by the computer 24/7 from now on.

I actually guessed Eck using Retrosheet. The reason I guessed DeCinces was that he ended the season on a month long hitting streak, and had a couple homers that week. I should have thought to check on Guidry.

By the way Amy, Yaz was an EXCELLENT guess. :)

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