Tuesday, November 28, 2006

'06-'07 Quiz IX

This picture was taken by Gumby, and depicts Chan, with a blue dot over his face, and I standing in a place where, were we to continue walking eastward on this street, we'd hit a New York City landmark named after a person who was vice president under a president who had a city named after him. What is the latitude of that city? (degrees and minutes)

38° 52′ 2″ N
That is incorrect.
I'm going to have to hire my wife as a consultant on this quiz.

On an unrelated topic...

jfJere's Mom: Do you have any restaurant recommendations for us in Buenos Aires?
Try this on for size:
I believe you are walking on St. Mark's Place which hits Tompkins Square Park. Tompkins was the VP under James Monroe. And Monrovia, Liberia is named after Monroe. The latitude of Monrovia is 6° 20' North.
Wow, Kara, you're a genius. Or you were snooping around in my mind when I came up with this. Or you're just really good at this stuff.

How'd you get it? Myoptics?

5 points for Kara.
Awesome! Yes, Myoptics. And a lot of help from Google. There are 3 Myoptics locations in NYC and I googled each street with NYC landmarks. When I saw the name Tompkins I checked to see if there was a VP with that name and then I googled Monroe and found Monrovia. It all came together pretty smoothly so I think some dumb luck contributed as well.
Nice. I saw there were three MyOptics (I didn't remember where we were--so I looked up Myoptics, saw St. Mark's, and it all came back to me--we'd just eaten at a sushi place on St. Mark's), but didn't bother to check the other two to see where going east from them would lead. Still, really good job. It was kind of chilling to see the way you wrote it out exactly how it came together originally in my head.
Well, I do have superhero powers but don't tell anyone.
I stand in complete awe of Kara C. on this one...outstanding work.

I'm also impressed by Chan's ability to avoid oncoming traffic and pedestrians while walking around the streets of NYC with a huge blue disk covering his face.
I feel like making a quiz out of this took away from the awesome fact that it said CHAN on the sidewalk. (Really CHANGE, which is why my foot is positioned all weird-like.) (We also have a shot where my face is in focus and I'm looking at the camera like I just discovered the lost cities of gold. And Chan's expression is priceless in both. But he doesn't want his face on the web. TJ.)

But if it showed Kara's superpowers then it worked out for the best.
Kara, you rock!
Thanks everyone!

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