Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Usual Travesties. And Smits!

ESPN people are almost consistently referring to tonight's or last night's Tigers-Yanks game as "the Yankee game." It's embarrassing. There are two teams in this series.

And then they tell us that MLB is in control of whether they bring the tarp out before the game, or risk starting the game, and having to stop it right away. Then they tell us that the fact that Mussina being old "has to be" factoring in to their decision. Okay, so it's been established which team they're rooting for. In the "Yankee game."

I love how Joe Buck, last night, said that we might be thinking, "Yeah, the Yankees should be in the playoffs with that huge payroll," but that we need to remember that they had injuries, and Melky Cabrera this, and Melky Cabrera that, and Melky Melky Melky, and Kevin Thompsony Thompson...and then they show how every Yankee in the lineup has been an All-Star at least once.

Okay, it's Smits time. Volume 2 of the 3-tonged series. I like the poster behind him: "A Computer Could Never Replace Me." I bet the kid whose room that was literally got replaced at some job by a computer at some point in his life. Click below.

An enchi-LADA!


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