Sunday, October 22, 2006

Towel Dry

Everyone keeps saying, "Terrible job by Eric Byrnes for rolling out of bed...," referring to his hair on the Fox pregame reports. I see it differently. Still a terrible job, but I say, "Terrible job by Eric Byrnes for spending $1000 dollars on that "looks like he just rolled out of bed" hairdo. I think we can all agree on one thing: Terrible job by Eric Byrnes in general. (Also, Eric, you have a microphone so that you don't have to yell.)

Can someone please tell Tim McCarver that "the kids today" are wearing their hats without a curved brim? So the fact that a player "irons" his brim isn't some quirky superstition, he's just trying to take the slight curve out of his MLB-licensed cap.

That Mellencamp song, the one from the commericals? I just found out that it's from his new album! And I thought it was from '85! Was I alone? I found this out because he just happened to be singing this song before the game. Wow, that really works out perfectly, since it's the theme song of the main sponsor of the World Series. What a happy coincidence. Are the groups that do "Come on baby lets' gooooo" and "you're gonna get what you need" gonna sing before Games 3 and 4? Because I really need to hear those songs AGAIN and AGAIN.

About towel-waving: First of all, terrible job to just break it out in the playoffs. If it's not your team's trademark, don't just suddenly start doing it. And it can't be every team's trademark, so, basically, unless you're a Twins fan in 1987 or a Steelers fan in the 70s, just don't wave stuff around. You might say, Well, they were handed to them at the door, what are they supposed to do? I don't know, wipe their snot with it and watch the game maybe? Go to an NBA game? Red Sox fans were offered "Sox Suppporters" (a red sock on a stick) in '88 and we just said no. Try it yourself.

Also, people talk about how loud the Metrodome was in those World Series' there. I always wondered how loud it would've been if the fans had put down those hankies and actually clapped.

Terrible job by wave-able objects.

Eric Byrnes is the David Lee Roth of baseball. But like a post-Van Halen DLR.
Yeah, he doesn't act like a ballplayer. (They're usually pretty stiff, aren't they?) He's more like a game show host.

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