Friday, October 06, 2006

To Town

Kenny Rogers is so psyched right now. He was ready to spike the ball. 5-0 Tigers in the seventh. I'm right there with ya, Kenny. (Wow, I never thought I'd say that...)

I think one of the most awkward moments in a broadcast is when the crowd is chanting a player's name, and the announcer attempts to describe it. Because you know they've got to make a decision. Should they say the name being chanted once? Or twice, to clarify it's being said repeatedly? And should they just say the name? Or sing it? Or say it, but break it up into two syllables?

It always ends up sounding stupid. We always know exactly what they mean, but there's just no good way to convey it.

"The crowd here at Shitsburg Stadium chanting 'Chan-stein.'"

6-0 now on a HR. Randy is out. The Tigers are looking good. Better than Joe Morgan, who is repeatedly making himself look like a fool. Just too many ways to describe. Anyway, if Detroit can hang on tonight, that means the Yanks are in a must-win situation with Jaret Wright on the mound.

Come on, Tigers!!!!!!!


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