Monday, October 16, 2006

This Day In...

ARSFIPT History: October 16th, 2005: Jere mentions the movie Tiger Town. That is perfect. I was gonna do a "This Day..." anyway, and when I checked, there was TT. I referenced this movie the other day as well. (The thing about squeezing your hands together really tight--it's from that movie.)

And Jaws was on last night. Which, of course, features the star of "The Town," Roy Scheider. Chan is just baffled by the amount of times I've watched Jaws since we moved in together. I don't see how someone could knowingly and wantonly NOT watch Jaws.

What have I learned from this? This very well may be the Tigers' year. The bite radius from the National League just doesn't match up with the marks on the trophy.

I was walking at the market in San Telmo today when some dude walked by me with a black shirt and white writing. It said:


...and nothing else. That was the shirt.

It wasn't this shirt, but it was pretty cool to see your roommate's fashion career taking off.
They screened Jaws at that beach on Martha's Vineyard as part of the Netflix road tour this summer - that would've been a sweet place to see it.
As the Tigers just scorched the ball hairs from the Oakland A's and the Yankees, I'm inclined to agree - the WS title will remain an AL fixture. They have all the hallmarks of a team of destiny.
Jaws is one of my all time favorite movies, and Quint is definitely my all time favorite movie character. What an amazing performance by Robert Shaw; it still stuns me that the guy who played Quint was also the blond villain in From Russia With Love and Lanigan in The Sting.

"You all know me, and you all know how I make my living'..."

A year ago my then gf (now wife) and I spent a week on Martha's Vineyard in July; we went bicycling one day, and stopped and hung out on the Jaws beach...much smaller than I expected it to be. Later that night, we saw Tim Wakefield and family in downtown Edgartown.
By the way, Roy Scheider was 51 years old when he made Tiger Town. What the hell were they thinking?

"Everybody knows the chief never goes in the water..."

"That's some bad hat, Harry"
"That's some bad hat, Harry" is totally my favorite line from JAWS. I never tire of that film.
jfJason: Awesome! I'd totally get that shirt you did link to, but it's sold out. That's the funniest rap name since Michael Kay.

jfSTJ: Okay, so you're this dude from my hometown, a few years younger than me, who I just never knew, right? Well, you'll be interested to know that a good friend of mine, also from our town, not only was on Martha's Vineyard this summer, but WON the Vineyard Gazette's Jaws trivia contest that was held in conjunction with the Netflix Road Show. He got in the paper, and Chan and I have it up on our fridge.

jf Boznian: Yeah, looks good for the 'gers, but isn't another hallmark of a team of destiny beating a team that appears to be one themselves? So, watch for that. No sure things.

jf AJM: Jaws. Classic. Glad you brought up Doyle Lonnigan. Quint=best character ever. Lonnigan rules as well. I keep trying to get the next person I address here to watch The Sting, as she's never seen it.

jfWCSG: I have so many favorites. Very hard to choose. But I'll just throw out a random one: "You're wearing a sweater." (Thanks for Giving Me the Head s-up on Jaws last night. As you know, I never tire of it either.)
Robert Shaw is f-ing awesome in that line of his, I think, comes at the end of his long story about the crew of the Indianapolis, after talking about how many men in the water, etc, is when he finishes the story by saying, "Anyway, we delivered the bomb." Just like that. Don't F with him, kids....
Yeah, the other two are totally floored and speechless, not even close to having gathered their thought enough to start asking questions, and Quint's already moved on. And before they can grasp the FACT that he's moved on, he goes right into "Spanish Ladies." Amazing.
Jere - who won the contest? My parents were going to go to the Netflix Road show Jaws showing but lamed out at the last minute.

I think I'm actually a year older than you - you were class of 93, right?
Yeah, '93. Well this dude's brother Mike L. was in my grade, and his sister Christine L. was in your grade. Email me if you need the last name.
Oh, goody. Now I know what to get WCSG for her birthday.
omigod. I just commented and was not required to try and decipher the wierd password font which I so often get wrong. When did that step get eliminated? (Always found it excessive--along the lines of the Patriot Act.)
Mom, I went a long time without the word verification. Then I started getting some spam comments, such as "Great blog! I just saved money on this cool weight-loss product. Click here!"

So, I elected to turn on that word verification feature, which prevents computer-generated spam somments.

I finally decided to turn it off last week, and sure enough, there's been no spam since. If it continues this way, I'll keep it turned off.

I remember when they first offered that feature, it was almost like people turned it on just to have it, even if spam wasn't a huge problem for them. I think of it like Brian's theory: If cars didn't pre-emptively turn on their headlights, in preparation for the upcoming nightfall, the night would never come. So, I'm leaving the lights, and the word verification, off, until night, and spam, actually arrive.
The whole word-verification-turned-off thing had me pretty confused at first, but since I usually needed 2+ tries to get the word typed correctly, I'm down with it.

"You get in the cage? Cage goes in the water? Shark's in the water......OUR shark...

Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies,
Farewell and adieu to you ladies of Spain..."

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