Sunday, October 08, 2006

Tearing Up

You know a team's in bad shape when all the articles written about them seem like Onion articles.

One headline is "A-Rod: 'I Sucked'." Then there's this article, which seems like something I would've written, in attempt to make fun of Yankee fans. It's very brief, but does a great job of summing it all up: A half-empty bar for a Yankee playoff game; a Yankee fan turning to the Mets, starved for anything resembling a team that can get it done; a merchant forced to throw all the Yankee gear onto the clearance rack. This is Yankees Universe.

So, as we move on toward the Subway Series...oh, that's right, there isn't going to be one. What American invisible force could've drilled into our heads that it was imminent? Oh yeah, the same media that gave us this article, with the Sox down 2-0 to the Yanks. (I wonder what this person was thinking after Game 3!) I don't know who wrote it, except that it was from the Daily News. It's copied and pasted, because I couldn't find it in their archives.

Jere, you consistently sell your Sox short with regard to the '04 series with the Yankees. You weren't just down 2 games my friend, you were down to strikes in game 3 - an incomparably more significant hurdle. Sell it so. Just a suggestion.
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Go here for a a collection of Boston, NY and national media snips during the first part of the 2004 ALCS.

Four examples:

1. Jackie MacMullan 10/17 Globe

So now the Sox are down, 3-0, and it's over, and everyone knows it, even the resilient Boston players who have never said die all season, and aren't about to start now. Give them credit for that, because there isn't much else to praise them for. ...

How could anyone have underestimated a lineup that features Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Gary Sheffield, and Hideki Matsui all in a row?

2. Jim Donaldson 10/17 ProJo

Johnny Damon may look like a prophet, but his words have proven false.

It is not, as he said, the Red Sox who are a bunch of idiots.

What they are is a bunch of chokes.

The idiots are all those fools who truly believed this would be the year the perennially disappointing Sox -- who haven't won a World Series since 1918, nor even a pennant since 1986 -- would finally beat the 26-time, world-champion Yankees, who now are on the brink of playing for a 27th title.

Only a bunch of idiots would continue to put their faith in this chronically overpaid and underachieving aggregation of ill-kempt characters, this wild-and-crazy bunch of hirsute fun lovers who gleefully pop open champagne bottles to celebrate finishing second for the seventh straight season.

Sure, they're loose. They're also losers.

3. - George King NY Post 10/17

The victory gives the Yankees a 3-0 lead in the best-of-seven series going into tonight's Game 4. No team in baseball has flushed such a bulge. That means the Yankees are a lock for their 40th flag, and their second straight World Series appearance.

4. Kevin Kernan NY Post 10/19

Forget the cushion, it's time for the Yankees to play with desperation. If not, this Curse will be reversed and this Yankee team will be remembered as the Greatest Choke of all time.

Don't expect that to happen.
Boz, a suggestion for you: stop skimming:)

I pretty clearly mentioned in my post something about game three. I do remember you telling me at the time I sold 'em short. I hope it never appears that way. I've only used terms like "greatest comeback in history of sports" and "biggest choke in history of sports," like, a million times. I can say them more if you like. Would be happy to.
Redsock, thanks. Endless entertainment. The one I always remember is one that can only be found if someone has a tape of Game 4 from Fox-5, NY. If they kept taping into the news. Because the newscasters were just laughing, saying the Yanks gave us a stay of execution or whatever. So confident. I have to find that. Same with Mike Francesa on FAN. He said some stuff I wish I'd taped.

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