Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Stern Depot/Stirrin' Da Pot

It's official. Red Sox lose Adam Stern, in exchange for that brief period of shitty Javy Lopez. We'll get another Oriole or cash as well. Terrible job, Red Sox. Terrible job.

Lousy deal, and the sad thing is, it wasn't even close to being the front office's worst deal this year. Here's hoping that we find out that it's really been Theo's evil twin calling the shots over the past year, and that 'good' Theo was just living in Tuscany or something just soaking up the sun and vino for a while.
Yeah, my theory from early in the year, or earlier, was that someone had naked pics of Paul.
Yea, this ended up sucking, but I don't really know what other alternative they had. I mean, as it happened, Javy Lopez was execrable, but you can't let Doug Mirabelli start and give significant ABs to Corky Miller or Ken Huckaby when the price of upgrade is Adam Stern.

Theo royally fucked up this season and last, but this one's hard to blame him on. The Varitek injury was just a huge pain in the balls all around.
As usual, BSM makes a good point. The Lopez deal ended up sucking in hindsight, but they really had no choice at the time; they were still very much fighting for a playoff spot, and desperately needed a catcher. Of course, this possibly wouldn't have been such a desparate need if they hadn't been so quick to dump Bard in a deal which looked short-sighted at the moment it was announced.

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