Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Same Old

Your prime-time baseball playoff schedule:

Tuesday: 1 game. Yankees.
Wednesday: 1 game. Yankees.
Thursday: 1 game. Mets. (Because Yankees don't play.)
Friday: 1 game. Yankees.

With stats like these, surely New York wins the Most Valuable Baseball City Award...

I was talking with my girlfriend at Fenway the other day about how much Bud loves the Yanks. It's disgusting. And so unfair the way they do this. Other teams in prime-time won't bring in the ratings? Right, because all you ever show are the New York teams, so how are neutral fans able to grow to love any other teams in the first place? At least if the Yanks pull some sort of choke-job, the whole nation will be watching.

As was once said in "The Apocalypse According To St. John", "The Great Whore" was code for Pagan Rome:

Might The Great Whore with whom Kings (& Baseball Commissioners & TV Networks) played with, be DFYankees of Today?
Michael Leggett sent this to me via email yesterday. Just passing it on.
A "Sickie", but a Goodie, BSM!

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