Friday, October 06, 2006


It's over. Two games to one. Good side. This calls for a Jimmy Smits video. Ladies and gentleman, the third and final Smits PSA. This one has a special twist:

Morgan and Miller were making excuses for everything that went against the Yanks tonight. Terrible job, guys. Oh well. I got the result I wanted.

Me too! One more today and this place will be jumping. Heck, it will be anyways, starting a little after 4.
One should realize that $200M, does NOT always mean Greatness:

If you thought that Miller & Morgan did a TJ, wait until That "Blonde-Highlighted Holiday Inn Guest", Joseph Francis Buck & Red Dyed Colleague, & Proponent of DS Jeter's Canonization For Sainthood, James Timothy Mc Carver, are doing Yankees-Tigers at 4:30PM on FOX;

May This "Yankees Obsession", end around 8PM, EDT, this evening.

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