Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Priced To Pwn

You'll either be really pissed about this, if you already dropped the $130 on it, or you'll be overjoyed by the incredible bargain price. [Update, 11/7/06: This was referring to the Red Sox 2004 12-DVD set. They had it for 40 bucks. Now it's back up to 90.]

Also, just a general statement: This blog is best viewed on a Mac. I've noticed that on my PC at work, the images in the links section look shitty, and many of the pics I've posted that are "a little dark" on my Mac look like black squares on a PC. TJ, PCs.

When Kenny Rogers is beating anyone but the Yankees, he's really annoying.

If you knew me in the nineties, you know I'm a big Nirvana fan. If you've met me recently, you either do or don't know that. That wacky e-mail address o' mine: a Cobain reference. Anyway, I here at ARSFIPS am happy to announce that Kurt has surpassed Elvis and John Lennon as the top-earning dead celebrity. In your face, slightly older generations! Teenage angst has indeed paid off well. Except he can't really do anything with the money. And so it goes.

Nice Vonnegut drop at the end, btw.
Now that I Googled it, I know what you mean, but it was not purposely done. My mom will be proud of me for unknowingly quoting KV, since his books always seemed to be lying around our house when I was young. Maybe she started saying that from reading him, and I got it from her. Who knows.
I saw them in '93 and had a hard time convincing anyone I knew to go to that show. Best live show I've ever seen.
Hard time?? TJ by everyone you knew!

Where were you, Fitchburg? Worcester?

I was in college and saw 12/9/93 in Omaha. It's a rare Nirvana show that no bootleg exists of.
Saw them at American in DC, and I agree, TJ by everyone I knew who thought Nirvana was uncool and Pearl Jam was cool.

I remember Grohl giving the plug for the Black Cat, not much of the other banter:
The banter I remember exists only in my head, at least until a recording surfaces. But it's been 13 years, so one may never come out. On that same site, on the live guide, if you click the camera icon on my show, you see a pic I sent in. You can actually see the tips of two of Chan's fingers. He held down the page of the newspaper I saved to prevent the crease, which still showed up, and I shot the pic. (Now someone else has sent in a nice color, uncreased version, I noticed. Oh well. Mine has more heart. And infinitely more Chan.)

I liked Pearl Jam, too. But, yeah, their second album had just come out before the Nirvana US Tour. And I remember thier tix were just impossible to get. Nirvana wasn't gonna play near us, but then the radio had a "major concert announcement," and it was Nirvana in Omaha, and my friend Steve and I jumped around like early-to-mid 2000s baseball players after a walk-off home run. We almost went up to Minny for that show, too, a few days off from the Omaha one, but didn't. That show was filmed by MTV.
The Mac, especially in OS X, is a far-superior machine:

I hate viewing pages using Windows XP;

They look so cheap & insignificant.
Thanks for the heads-up (would that be a GJ, then?) on the DVDs, which I don't own, but would very much like to.
Can't remember if I used to walk around announcing, And so it goes, but my favorite Vonnegut-ism is his thought on writing: "A writer lives for 25 years and then spends the rest of his life writing about it."

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