Thursday, October 26, 2006


Shortly after the Yankees decided it would be funny to sell an official T-shirt featuring a gravestone that pronounced the Red Sox dead, one of their own players killed himself and another guy by thinking he was a pilot.

Now karma has kicked the Yankees in the ass as they try to stumble to their proverbial feet.

Case against: marketing people.

Interesting to me that a team whose fans supposedly don't care about the Red Sox or, at max, see them as being no different than any other AL team should be interested in spending their own Yankee fan money on such a garment.
Yeah, I wish they'd just admit how much they care about us. I liked the old days, when it was perfectly normal for the Yankees and Red Sox to hate each other openly. Stupid Dirtdog and Shaughnessy changed everything by trying to tell us all to not taunt our rivals because it makes us seem less classy--meanwhile, it's okay to treat every female at the park like shit, get so drunk that you're knocking people over and spiling beer on them, yell racist remarks at players, etc.

But "Yankees Suck"--that's classless!

Classity class class class. So f'ing what?
I accidentally killed Lidle by buying that MUNSON shirt after they lost to toronto on 10/1.
sorry, everybody!

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