Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Plane Crash

This shot above was the first I took, at some point near 3:30. The crash was around 2:40. You can see the big black mark on the red brick high-rise. The smoke is barely visible. It went straight to the right, you can see it to the right of the building with the clock on it.

In the above two shots, you can barely see the red building between two others. But you can see the black spot on it.
Looking down 1st. And below, looking down York. From 5 blocks north. You can kind of see the million rescue vehicles.



I'm not kidding- wow.
Yep...I was just coming here to post that. Absolutely stunning.
I heard that he was on Mike and the Mad Dog Monday, and they just tore him to shreds. Wow.
Yeah, I had it on this blog...I almost posted the whole interview. I sat here taping it, because I was off that day. But thought it would take too long to post, so I didn't post it.

Holy shit!!!

Mad Dog is gonna be so guilty for getting mad at him for "enjoying life" a day after they lost.
Say a prayer time...but they found his passport near the wreckage. Oh my.....awful....

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