Thursday, October 19, 2006


Jeff Suppan is holding an MVP trophy. Weird.

Detroit vs. St. Louis. Ducky Medwick/Gas House Gang/Bob Gibson/Mickey Lolich-style. This will be the rubber match of this three-World Series series.

And, somewhere men are laughing, and little children shout,

but there is no joy in Metville --
mighty Carlos has struck out.

I was actually sitting there in my old school NY Giants cap rooting for the Metsies to pull it out. Helluva pitch by Wainwright, but Beltran really should have been looking breaking pitch there, and he has to swing at that pitch.

I had real mixed emotions. I felt mostly sad for the Mets and the Metsie fans, but a little part of me was pretending we were back in '86, and enjoying watching a full house at Shea looking and sounding like a funeral. And I sure was happy to see the long face on that Yankee Willie Randolph...guys like him can't lose enough to make me happy.
I definitely felt weird when the second guy got on in the ninth. Was very much like the hits leading up to Buckner.
Except...that the Mets lose...was kind of eerie, though...the blooper, the opposite field liner...I kept waiting for a jock-less Kevin Mitchell to roll out of the dugout and back into my nightmares. And what was Beltran thinking? Cardinal killer, my ass...other than a walk-off, is there a worse way to lose a game 7 than with your bat on your shoulder?
But we have to give it to Suppon....he had 2 solid starts in the series. I wonder how he'll do against an AL team, namely the Tigers. Can you say Detroit in 5? And the 5 minute film production leading into first pitch time, with Jerry Stiller and Artie Lange (!) should be hilarious...Artie is a big-time Yankee fan, but a very funny guy. Can't wait.......
Yeah, swing the bat, Carlos.

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