Monday, October 09, 2006

Near Mint Irony

Our parents grew up to find out all the baseball cards their parents threw away were worth a fortune. We grew up to find out all the cards we collected are worthless.

It goes to show you, you're better off buying something because you like it, not because you think it might be worth some money one day. The value of a fond memory is far greater than that of any currency.

But another irony is: Many things I saved when I was twelve because I thought they might be worth something someday are still worth nothing--but my having held onto them this long gives them sentimental value.

Great point, Jere. Those f-ing laws of supply and demand.

One could extend that to all the Dunbar fans who will undoubtedly flock to the Mets...

Dunbar fans, for it to mean something you have to have some lasting attachment to it...
So true.

I think it's cool that you're in South America right now. Do the stars look different? I'd like to see the Southern Cross someday.
I only saw a bunch of stars when I was near the water - hard to see many with all the city lights. When I get out of BsAs I'll take a crapload of night sky pics for you...

The water flushed backwards here. The people give each other (and me) kisses. I was at an outdoor concert at 3:00 am with 30,000 other people on the lawn of an art gallery, and there were hundres of five-year olds running around. Crazy.
The USA has a lot of cool stuff. But it seems like there's a rigidity to it. Like, everywhere has a template. You're "free" but you have to stay within the template. Whereas, you go anywhere else, you find out people have totally broken the mold, and do unthinkably cool stuff! But maybe you don't always get hot water there or whatever.

It seems like Americans are complacent with their hot water. We should attempt to have hot water AND break the mold.

This is just the impression I get, from what I hear about other countries.

Thanks for the star pictures! That'll be cool.

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