Wednesday, October 11, 2006

More Plane Stuff--Lidle Probably Killed

This is just surreal. I'm watching Mike & the Mad Dog right now. Two days ago, I listened to these two interview Cory Lidle. Mad Dog was legitimately pissed that Lidle was out "enjoying life" a day after they Yanks were knocked out. And today, that same Cory Lidle, from the info we're getting, flew a plane into a building a few hundred feet from where I sat at work. The past few days, I'd been going over to the river (five blocks north of the accident) a few times a day, since there's a problem with our heat at work--it's sweltering in there. I easily could've seen this plane hit the skyline.

This is just crazy. Bloomberg right now is saying they were sightseeing, and had gone around the Statue of Liberty. They came up the East Side and crashed. Two people were on board. Supposedly Lidle was one, a flight instructor was the other.

At my job, we also deal with a lot of senior citizens, many of whom live in that area. Thankfully, no one in the building was killed.

But this is horrible for those two people and their families. Bloomberg is not saying Lidle's name. But it apparently was his plane, and others said he took off earlier in the day from Teterboro.

This reminds me too much of Thurman's senseless death. So much for the importance of the scheme of things.
This is always sad ... for anyone ... i'm just glad more people weren't hurt ...

thank you for the pictures ...

it puts life into perspective - that you never know what each day is going to bring you.

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