Saturday, October 07, 2006

Moonion Square

I got to Union Square a little too late for the anti-Bush protest on Thursday. They had a big stage set up and everything. I'd read there was to be an afternoon march from the UN to Union Square, followed by a rally at "nightfall." I was there before nightfall, but it was over. However, I did get this cool shot of our moon, Moon, rising in the east. The one below shows some diehards still holding signs after most people had gone home.

Thanks for going, and for posting the pics. Funny how the only thing you can see clearly is the 9/11 sign...!
And right now, Jere...4-0 Tigers. Holy sh*t!!! Lovin' it...and I have about 15 people here...not too late for you to stop by. Who knows...the Yanks' swan song! Hi to Chan.

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