Thursday, October 26, 2006

Middle Name: "Period"

From the New York Times, via Can't Stop the Bleeding, comes this quote from Derek Jeter (who just won the "the media told us who to vote for because they're spineless conformists who dare not say anything negative about a guy who's percieved as a saint but is really no less of an asshole on field and off than anyone else and who also hasn't met his goal in six years, and so are we" award) about whether or not A-Rod needs to clear the air with Joe Torre:

“I don’t have anything to do with that. From what I’ve heard, I haven’t heard there’s any air that needed to be cleared. I’m not speaking on his behalf or Mr. T’s behalf, but that’s not something I’ve heard.”

Now, how he brings Mr. T into this, I'll never know. But I can speak, fairly confidently, on the behalf of the former Rocky III star:

"I pity the fool who bats A-Rod eighth. That's only going to take away more of what little confidence he has left, making him more of a choker, and causing more grief for what's now a cursed organization. Cursed, I said. Cursed. Don't make me mad. Grrrrrr. Stay in school, kids."

When asked about George's plans for Mr T, Jeter said, "Those two are like peas in a pod":

Mr. T-related gags never get old. Yours is especially inspired.

Jeter winning the Aaron Award is almost as absurd as Jeter winning Gold Gloves. I know you disagree, but as BSM has pointed out, there's a reasonable case to be made for Jeter as MVP this season. But the Aaron award is, very simply, supposed to go to the best hitter in the league, and there's simply no way to claim that it was Derek Jeter. The Fire Joe Morgan guys crunched the #'s:
Wait, didn't I do this three days ago?

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