Thursday, October 26, 2006

Jackass O' Lantern McCarving

Nothing makes a catcher look worse than when he's expecting one pitch is thrown another.

Nothing makes an announcer look worse than when the above happens right after he informs the audience that that catcher is the greatest defensive catcher in the history of the game.

Another Brilliant Observation from the "Sophocles Of The Diamond", who gave this bit of brilliance or flatulence, when John Olerud homered off Yankees Pitching, on Saturday, 9/10/05, on FOX Saturday Baseball:

"Mime, In The Rock Band, Is Beginning To Make Some Noise."
That has nothing to do with defense- it's a crossup. He calls for a curveball and gets a fastball.

I think referring to Pudge as such is a totally fair claim.
I knew someone would say this. I just meant that casual viwere is gonna hear McCarver say he's the greatest, then on the next pitch, the worst thing that can happen to a catcher happened to that guy. In fact, he made a nice play not letting him get by.

I also probably threw you off by calling McCarver a jackass. I was just saying that in general, heh heh.
But also note: calling pitches is part of the defensive game, and technically he could've called one pitche and looked for another, hence it would be a bad defensive play, but probably not, and that one play wouldn't take away a career worth of defense. I'm just sayin'. It's the one play that makes you look like a complete fool, and it happened immediately after he was showered with praise, hence, funny. Kind of.

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