Friday, October 20, 2006

Is That A Titleist?

Looks like I made the marine biology news. Is architecture next for me?

So I was watching the newscast that came on after the game last night, and a reporter was asking fans outside Shea how they felt. After talking to each person, she'd ask this question: (are you ready for this? I don't think you are.)

"Will you still be a Mets fan next year?"

This is what I've been saying about New York fans. It's such a normal thing for them to just go with whoever's winning/more popular, that the reporters have to ask them whether or not they'll jump ship after their team is eliminated. Unbelievable. Imagine someone asking a fan outside Fenway Park if they'll still be a Sox fan next year? What the crap?

(Disclaimer: some people aren't like that and blah blah blah, I'm just saying, the Yankee fans that I'm closest to here in the city were all rooting outwardly for the Mets. Little brother syndrome-style. You only get one team, people. If you want more, you have no right to brag when one wins. Disclaimer to the disclaimer: Okay, so the Mets are a fun bunch to watch this year, with the Latin flavor and whatnot. But if you're really a Yankee fan, it shouldn't matter that they're any different from any other Mets team. They're still your crosstown rival. I mean, if Bin Laden's next video features him in an outfit that you find appealing to the eye, would you say "Well, I like this particular version of Bin Laden."? No. So stop letting the terrorists win, Yankee Universe. D to the D to the D: I should clarify here. I'm not saying you can't pick a team in a game and root for them. But these people I'm talking about are the type that just change allegiances. They've got a back-up plan in place. That is horseshit. I might root for the Cards or Tigers in the WS, but I'm not gonna buy a T-shirt, continue rooting for them next year, etc. And when it's your rival, well, why are you rooting for them anyway, for any reason? It doesn't make sense.)

I actually went to the Fox5 site, which, in a moment of genuine originality, was named "MY Fox NY dot com slash MY Fox." Pure marketing genius. My ass.

If you type all that in, you can see the interview in question. I don't have sound on my work computer, but it appears to be the exact same interview I watched last night.


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