Friday, October 20, 2006

I Heart Retrosheet.Org

The first Red Sox player to ___________ in my lifetime was __________.

hit a home run: Carlton Fisk
throw a pitch: Rick Wise
bat (and get a hit): Juan Beniquez
hit into a double play: Rick Burleson
strike out: Fred Lynn
draw a walk: Rico Petrocelli
double (and triple): Dwight Evans
draw an intentional walk: Jim Rice
pitch more than nine innings in one game: Bill Lee
draw a walk at Fenway Park: Yaz
hit a grand slam: Bobby Darwin

and on and on... try it yourself.

Which of those things happened on September 8, 1975?
The first six items listed. All within the first two innings of that Monday night's game. (I was born at 8:05 AM, so there's no controversy.)

My first Sox grand slam didn't happen until June 22nd, 1976.
Wow...good stuff Jere...makes one think. Enjoy the series, and the weekend.
Minor coincidence, Jere, but we were both born at 8:05 am on the 8th day of the month (April 8, 1979). I was also 8 lbs when I was born and grew up on 8 Franklin St. And it was my # in soccer. Needless to say, 8 is my favorite/lucky #. I sometimes bet it at the track too. -cousin Kara

I didn't finish my list of firsts but here it is.

The first Red Sox player to ___________ in my lifetime was __________.

hit a home run: Fred Lynn
throw a pitch: Bob Stanley
bat (and get a hit): Rick Burleson
hit into a double play: Yaz (lucky #8)
strike out: Jerry Remy
draw a walk: Jim Rice
double (and triple): Jack Brohamer
draw an intentional walk: Jack Brohamer
pitch more than nine innings in one game: ?
draw a walk at Fenway Park: ?
hit a grand slam: ?
Great to hear from you, cuz! I am definitely a lifelong 8 person as well. Although 9 gave it a run for its money in the 80s. And we were both born at the exact same moment of the! 8:05ers represent, or something.

That's cool you were born a few days into the season, giving you "firsts" unique to your day, like me. Anyone born in the offseason has all the same firsts as anyone born between October and March of that off-season.

You also had Gary Allenson make his debut in your first game. My mom named a black stuffed cat "Muggsy" after Allenson's nickname. A cat that still sits in her house today. I can show you the next time you get to Connecticut.

Also, I may have confused people with "bat (and get a hit)." I meant that for me, the first to bat was the same as the first to get a hit. Two separate things. So, your first to bat was Remy, while your first to get a hit was Burleson. Same deal with "double (and triple)". My guy was Evans for both.
In the category of "AJM is pretty old":

hit a home run: Dick Stuart
throw a pitch: Earl Wilson
bat: Chuck Schilling
get a hit: Carl Yastrzemski
hit into a double play: Dick Stuart (he struck out, and then Tony Conigliaro was picked off 3rd base)
strike out: Dick Stuart
draw a walk: Frank Malzone
double: Bob Tillman
triple: Felix Mantilla

It is very fitting that Dick Stuart, aka Dr. Strangeglove, was the first to both homer and strike out.
Kara, your first grand slam was Yaz on April 12th.

Nice job, AJM. All three of us are in the Yaz era, think of it that way.
Awesome idea. Baseball was on strike when I was born, and their first game back was 8/10/81. Some of these though, obviously, came from later games.

The first Red Sox player to ___________ in my lifetime was __________.

hit a home run: Dwight Evans
throw a pitch: Dennis Eckersley
bat: Jerry Remy

get a hit: Carl Yastrzemski

hit into a double play: Rich Gedman

strike out: Glenn Hoffman

draw a walk: Jim Rice

double: Jim Rice

triple: Dwight Evans

draw an intentional walk: Carney Lansford

pitch more than nine innings in one game: Dennis Eckersley

draw a walk at Fenway Park: Jim Rice

hit a grand slam: Gary Allenson (took almost two goddamn months, too)

Here's from all of baseball:

Technically, the first game back from the strike was the All Star Game on Aug 9. So I'll go by that.

AB: Pete Rose
Hit: Pete Rose
2B: Bucky Dent (jesus christ...)
3B: Miguel Dilone (CLE, not in ASG)
HR: Ken Singleton (wtf)
Throw a pitch: Jungle Jack Morris
GIDP: Bobby Bonds (on Cubs, not in ASG)
struck out: Davey Concepcion (Morris pitching)
walk: Davey Lopes
grand slam: Frank White (KC, not in ASG)
Thanks. I can't believe, with all the hourse I've spent on "the sheet," that I didn't think of this earlier.

So your first ever game was an All-Star Game. That's unique, although being born in late 80 or the first half of 81 helps one's chances of getting that.

My first Red Sox player to commit a catcher's interference was Fisk (on my day of birth.) There are so many things you could come up with. Almost endless.
Jere, that is pretty cool that Yaz hit a grand slam just 4 days after I was born. Thanks for letting me know. Definitely fun stuff to look-up.

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