Monday, October 09, 2006

Haunchplank Redemption

My laptop battery died a month or two ago. Fortunately, there was a recall of batteries just when I happened to need a new one. Today, the new battery arrived. After all this time having to be near an outlet, thus rendering my laptop a desktop, or, in my case, a floortop, I'm free again. But I've become so used to my little spot here on the floor, I've already noticed myself settling back into it. Didn't Morgan Freeman win an Oscar for something like this?

Is it a PowerBook, iBook or MacBook or even a MacBook Pro?

After the Dell battery fires, I guess Apple got worried, too. Lots of batteries recalled. Mine was in the right group.
My Brother's iBook, @ 366 Mhz, is still running after 6 1/2 Years:

A Clamshell;

I use an iMac Running 10.3.9 & don't even worry about viruses;

& Windows XP is like The Yankees;
Bloated Crap which SUCKS.
"The Shawshank Redemption" & "Driving Miss Daisy."

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