Sunday, October 15, 2006

Gambling To Win

This is from my tape of SNL from 11/17/90. Another non-classic. This'll never make the "best of" DVDs. But I think Kevin Nealon is hilarious. I think this had the makings of a bona fide recurring character. So what if people didn't get it? Or if it was poorly written? Nealon did what he could with it, and the name "Stan Duffy," Hartman's announcer-voice, and SNL's trademark cheesy jingle make this a Jere-favorite, if not a real classic. Click the box to watch.

I can't explain the show at the beginning of this clip. Sorry.

Watching these Cardinals home games make me think of the 2004 World Series, which is weird since it's a different stadium. The only two parks in which the Red Sox won the World Series that remain are Fenway Park (10/16/1912, 9/11/1918) and Braves Field (10/12/16). And only part of Braves field is actually there, as part of Northeastern's soccer stadium.

Check this out. This actually wasn't written by me.

Mets tie NLCS at 2. The series will go back to New York, regardless of Monday's outcome.


In as much as I can't stand Yankees fans...Mets fans bolting from Shea and booing Billy Wagner, during a playoff game no less, was one of the most ridiculous things I've seen in the post-season since that idiot dressed as a ghost at the 2004 ALCS in New York.

Mets fans really don't have any high ground here. They suck too.
Eh, I'm sure the people that left are the Yankee fans who went because their team isn't in it. There're a lot of those.
The Corporate Seats are filled with Yankee Fan Front-Runners:

I can tell them by lack of knowledge of the game, as well as those who have told me that it's fine to root for the Yankees, which would earn a thunderous scowl from the "Old Guard Mets Fan" of which Red Sox Nation-NY, is filled with;

The REAL METS Fans would remain until the last pitch, as they're fully-aware of their team's limitations;

BTW, most of the Real Fans were either @ home, or at an Irish Publick House or two, imbibing & conversing, as well as being knowlegeable about their subject team;

I was with an Irish-Born Group of Mets Fans, who were astounded to hear a FOX Commentator tell the audience that "St. Louis Blows In A NY Minute", perhaps leaving out the word "It", by accident, during the 6th Inning. All came to the conclusion that Tim Mc Carver is a blathering idiot;

Beaz, the Real Mets Fans also are known for looking for a Fenway Park Red Sox Ticket, as for the REAL Fans,their AL Team, plays in Boston, NOT The Bronx;

Never judge NY by all the Corporate A-holes, who wouldn't know Jose' Reyes from A-Fraud;

& I had a grand time at Fenway on September 2nd, abeit the fact that none of the remaining "Idiots" were playing, as it was supposed to be Jon Lester's Next start, handled with some admiration of Kevin Jarvis;

The Corporate Jackasses suck, BTW.
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Old Braves Field:

Is Nickerson Field, owned by Boston University;

Theo's Father is a Dean there.

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