Monday, October 09, 2006

Friends Of Jason Giambi

From friend Jason, another Onion-ish article about the Yanks. This one will crack you up.

And click on Jason's link to read about his current adventures in Argentina. He'll be there for two more months, so feel free to follow along. You may learn a thing or two about the non-"what will happen with A-Rod now?" world.

I'll need to read about Argentina; the wife and I haven't gone on the honeymoon yet, and we've been thinking about South America.

Jere, I think I had a little too much fun in your Dunbar elimination thread.
I disagree. There's an entire offseason of making fun of the repeatedly choking Yankees ahead of us. And a lifetime after that. Isn't making fun of Mr. Dunbar what this blog's all about?
I wrote a big long thank you for linking to me, and it never showed up! Maybe I commented to the wrong post?

Anyway, thanks for linking to me Jere! I've been lucky enough to get the playoffs on my laptop so far, at even better quality than at home. Best of both worlds: out of my continent, Yanks out of playoffs.
The ESPN Article looked like a "Call Of The Green Monster" Article about when the White Sox won the '05 WS, in regards to the latest Dunbarian Floperoo:

The Subway map, looks somewhat like MBTA-Boston's map.
I thought of Boston when I saw it, too!

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