Sunday, October 22, 2006


This World Series has what I call (since right now) the dual underdog syndrome. Or "Dub Sub Pup."

The Tigers are the underdog when you think in terms of the last few years, but had a better year than St. Louis this season.

The Redbirds are the underdog specifically in the series, but have been much better than the MC9 in recent seasons.

To me, the tie-breaker is that everyone is picking Detroit. That makes the Cards the official sub-pups. Because of that, I found myself rooting for them tonight, in their Game 1 win. A St. Louis sweep would really make the people who declared the series a joke in the Kitties' favor look like fools.

As I've said, though, I really don't care, and I'd be happy for the Thundercats if they win. It would be a victory for the American, or "real" League. And LaRussa would be sad, which is always fun. Maybe I just need the Michiganers to be down a couple of games before I feel comfy rooting for their roaring asses.

Great quote from former Sock/Sox Todd Jones before the series:

I know you guys wanted both New York teams. I’m sure the Fox guys wanted New York, too,” Tigers closer Todd Jones said. “We can’t really help that. If they wanted the Mets and the Yankees, maybe they should’ve spotted them a few runs, or a few games. But we won our series fair and square, and the Cardinals won their series fair and square.

“If people understand baseball, and people don’t get caught up in the fact there’s not Hall of Famers at every single position, and recognize good baseball, I think you’re going to see a good series.”

Detroit needs to load them bases then kick out the slams...
Yeah. M'er F'er.

In that pic of the dogs, those marks on the ground by their feet are just the pen-test scribbles coming through from the other side of that piece of paper. But I love how it looks like the general filth of the dogs and floor, and a shadow of the bone. Worked out nicely.

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