Thursday, October 26, 2006

Deja Vookie

When I read that Buckner article, I learned that Preston Wilson is the son of Mookie Wilson. I seriously had no idea. And no idea how I didn't know that. So when I was writing about that Mets-Cards series, I missed a chance to talk about this. I did say how it could be cool in a way for the Mets fans to have to experience what we did in '86, by losing on an error or something. At least the Mets fans who are horrible people and deserve something like that. If I'd known, I'd have suggested Preston Wilson hitting a grounder that a Mets fielder had go through his legs, with the Mets one strike away, causing the Cards to win the series. Or on the other side, having Wilson make an error, making both Wilsons cause Mets fans delirium.

Now, in the World Series, Preston, playing for the NL champs, which the Mets were so close to being, gets a key hit, and Fox shows Mookie with a Cards hat on, cheering in the crowd! Was he at Shea with his Cards hat in the NLCS?? Did some poor Mets fan have to sit next to him at Game 7, and hear him root against the Mets?

We're not exactly even, but this gets me one step closer to being able to fully root for the Mets in October, so long as they're not playing the Red Sox.

Granderson up. I'm rooting for him after that embarrassing slip.

Hey, did you see before when a darker-skinned Cardinal in a home uniform wearing number 3 hit a one-hopper to the mound and the pitcher took a few steps toward first and tossed over for the out? On October twenty-almost-seventh? That was cool.

Granderson strikes out. We're tied after 7.5.

[Edit from like 5 seconds later. I titled this post, and immediately after that, an ad for a movie called Deja Vu came on. Weird. "Do you ever get deja vu?" "I can check with the kitchen..."]

I think I heard Mookie was his step-father?
I learned that Preston Wilson is the son of Mookie Wilson

He's Mookie's uncle and stepdad. From wikipedia:

"Mookie married Preston's mother after his brother fathered Preston."

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