Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dare To Be Original

I don't know anything about this film other than it's either out now or coming out soon, and that it's based on some dude's memoir. Okay, it's bad enough that this guy ripped off the name of the great Weird Al's 1999 album. I'm already mad about that. And, hey, maybe it's an awesome book. And the phrase "running with scissors" wasn't exactly coined by Al. But still, terrible job. But it's Even Worse (care to steal that one, too, Mr. James Frey Memoir McGee?) that the people that came up with the logo for the film essentially made it the same as Al's! See below.

The "with" in the middle with a line, the positioning of the words... Rip off.

Al will get through this with our support. And now matter how good that movie ends up being, the true RWS will prove superior in the end.

Good book. He's like David Sedaris except way more dysfunctional.
It's like spitting on a fish.

It's like barking up a tree.

It's like I said you gotta buy one if you wanna get one free.

James Frey II: the Yankovic Files.
There's something in this movie for everyone! I heard Joseph Fiennes is in it as a super-creepy pedophile.
Look, you can go to your fancy so-called "movie" (probably just Gone with the Wind played backwards), I'll sit here in the dark listening to "Pretty Fly For A Rabbi."
AND, Monday was Weird Al's birthday. That's a true story.

I worked in the stockroom of a Barnes and Noble in high school, and we'd blast Weird Al all day for good knows what reason, and just die laughing. It was awesome, and when we'd get sick of one CD, the manager would hand me $20 and say... "Uh, go buy... I don't know- 'The Polka Album'? 'Smells Like Nirvana'... whatever's there."

Also- yea, that was a good book. I prob won't see the movie, but the book was good.
Way back when I was a college student in West Philadelphia, I saw Weird Al on location filming the "Eat It" video, wearing his studded red leather jacket and one glove.

That's all I got.
Al rules. I finally saw him live a few years ago, at the Woodstock Fair in Woodstock, CT. Livestock, northeast CT country-folk, and Weird Al.
Running with Scissors is one of my all-time favorite memoirs. I was smitten as soon as I saw the jacket (hardcover) which was a kid posed quite normally except his head was in a big cardboard box. So Jere, when Grandpa used to take Uncle Tyler to the beach, Uncle Tyler would always wear a box over his head (long story). In fact, we used to call him Head-in-the-Box Charlie. (Another long story is when poor grandpa got stopped my a state cop and the cop aimed his flashlight at Tyler whose head is in a box and asked, "Everything all right,here?"
I could be wrong, but my recollection is that Augusten Burroughs gave credit to Weird Al or at least alluded to his album.

Okay..okay...interesting, about him at least mentioning Al. We'll see what develops. Maybe they'll have a similar fight like the one between Al and Coolio.
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