Thursday, October 12, 2006

The D

Check out the cast for the new Tenacious D movie. A lot of good people.

Robbins, Stiller, Armisen, Poehler, Dio (yes, that Dio), David Koechner...

When I saw Snakes on a Plane, I was glad to see Koechner get a nice applause when he apperaed on screen. He's now recognized as that wacky sports reporter from Anchorman. He deserves it, after his time on SNL. I remember the first episode with the "new" cast, in '95, which included Wil Ferrell, Cheri Oteri, Darrell Hammond, Molly Shannon, and the rest of that crowd. Koechner was the "other" dad in the "get off the shed" sketch, which was, I believe the first sketch of that season after the monologue. Koechner and Nancy Walls got the boot after that one season, so I'm glad he's now a famous dude.

Neil Hamburger is also in the movie. And he's opening for Tenacious D on their upcoming tour. I was surprised they actually decided to play out again for this. Maybe I shouldn't have been. They play the Garden, with Hamburger(!), on December 1st. Email me for the presale code if you can't find it. I'm talking MSG, not the Derek Jeter Fleet Center or whatever.

When Tenacious D was playing in the 90s, I didn't like them, but only because of this dude I knew. He had perfect skin, perfect hair, and shiny new clothes. He'd been a DJ on the local college station, so he "knew more than you." He was all unassuming and soft-spoken, but you could tell he'd steal your girlfriend with his cuteness and phony-ass charm in a second, and then act like it was your fault for not being "indie" enough. Uh... anyway, I heard that dude say the words "Tenacious D" one day, and I made the decision I wasn't going to like them, whatever the hell they were. Turns out I missed out on a lot.

The lesson here: F that guy!

That DJ... Derek Jeter. Explaining quite a bit about the motivations of RSFIPT.
ha! You know, he was kind of like Jeter. He was the Derek Jeter of people. Er, people I know or whatever. It was just assumed he was the best, but I saw through him. Either that or I was just jealous.
Jealous is putting it mildly! Here you are, bopping around Fairfield county, into music and baseball...

And there's this bizarely-handsome guy who is not only in the Yankees farm system, but also has a show on WXCI. And everyone listens to it, and loves it (despite it being about 75% as good as all the other shows of that type on the station). And there he is, talking to your gf about this awesome show Tenacious D, so you hate them (but he has the last laugh when it becomes a huge hit). And one day you get to work, your desk has been cleaned out. Who will help the elderly to their appointments? On your way out you see the new employee, that same dude, helping some folks into the activity van. And so on.

I guess there was really nothing you could do, Jere. The cosmic powers just put certain decisions out of our hands. You had to hate DJ, and the team of do-gooders he plays for.
Hi! Nice to see a Sox fan in NYC!

Boston Sox fan who's not a Pink Hatter here! :) I'll be visiting more often! Glad I found you. :)
Rebecca, I left you a comment on your blog..newly discovered. And Jere, a doubleheader where the Felines and the Metropoltans can take huge steps. Have a great weekend.
Glad to have you along, Rebecca.

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