Monday, October 30, 2006

Ain't A Damn Thing Funny

The Red Sox have announced that 80 percent of seats will remain the same price as last year, with only the premium seats' price going up. Great news for us, the non-rich. I noticed this line at the end of the article about it on the team's site:

The club will also keep its special offer of $7 for tickets for active military personnel.

What? I never heard of that! And I pay pretty close attention to all things Fenway tickets. (By "pretty," I mean "obsessively.")

Why do I care? Well, surprisingly, I have a friend in a certain branch of the military that people usually don't think of when they hear "military." And hoooo-ee does he love to throw that discount around. In fact, this very laptop was bought...well, I shouldn't say any more, really. Except that I may be getting some cheap seats next year! Now if only my dad would get on that Jeremy Kapstein connection that he actually has...

Last year, Dad and I were at a game (compliments of you, Jere) and we were eating in that cellar- like food area under the bleachers sharing a table with this couple. The guy was there with his $7 military ticket and he was telling us he was supposed to meet some friends from some southern state who had never been to Boston and they missed each other but they had a secondary meeting place at the Cask and Whatever, and the ticket taker told him he wouldn't let him back in with that ticket stub. So I'm going on about discrimination and he was most gallant and said he couldn't blame the Red Sox since service people could make a lot of money scalping their tickets. So then I offered to go out and find his friends but he remained calm and assured me they'd all eventually meet up. When you're home between stints in Iraq you don't sweat the little things as we used to say in the 60's.

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