Friday, October 13, 2006

"3-0": A Yankee Universal Nightmare

Good job by Chan buying Cheez-Its, then realizing he only likes Cheese Nips, leaving me the entire box of 'Its.

Terrible job by the A's, going down 3-0. But that's great for us. Now everybody gets to hear about the '04 Red Sox. The longer the A's stay alive, the more we all get about the historic comeback. And even if the A's do win four in a row, they'll have done it with the last two games at home. I think we'd win the tie-breaker in that case. That's the beauty part--no, one of one hundred billion beauty parts--of 2004: no one can ever have a greater comeback. It's a mark that can only be equalled, never surpassed. (Until they reinstate the 9-game series.)

So, for now, go A's. Make Yankee fans remember '04, as it's yet to fully sink into their heads.

But I'm glad the Tigers are winning. Not giddy, just kinda, I don't know, a little happy. The key for me is that there's no pressure in these series. When the Yanks are alive, it's really unhealthy for me, let alone when the Sox are still in it. It's nice to have an October where nothing that happens in baseball can make me tear my limbs off. (You "tear my hair out" people are weak...)

I know exactly what you mean about no pressure. Now here are no "crucial" hats to wear, and other quirks I have built in to my being. And I'l love to see the Tigers end it. Tonight. Fun time in the motor city. And Redbirds...Mets-just do it!. On the road. If you can.
They made reference to the Sox' 0-3 comeback on the Fox pre-game show today. For about 15 years, I couldn't watch the Sox on a national telecast, even during the regular season, without the assclown announcers bringing up that CHB curse crapola, complete with graphics of Babe/Bucky/Buckner. Yankee fans should have to spend all eternity hearing about their 3-0 choke job.

Saw a car with a Red Sox ball fake-lodged in the back windshield, with CT plate "AJM 19." Woman driving. You know about this car, AJM?
Interesting; in the alternative universe where I paid for a vanity plate, that would probably be what I would choose...19 for my boyhood idol Fragile Freddie Lynn would be perfect. Wasn't me though; I park my car on the streets of NYC(and in the parking garage at Dunbar Stadium) too often to have Sox stuff on it. Besides, those fake balls through the windshield look kinda dumb.

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