Saturday, October 28, 2006


I like the thought of Yankee fans seeing Jeff Weaver winning the last game of a World Series. Yes, it's the same guy.

And the Cards move closer to the Yanks on that all-time championships list. You know, if that recent Yankee dynasty had been a Cardinals dynasty, it could be, like, 22-14 Yanks. That would've actually been pretty close. They'd have had to start thinking about calling the Cards the most famous franchise in sports history and all that crap.

Sorry, just rambling in the pre-Halloween Party hours. I'm about to dress up as a zombified Paris Hilton. I'm actually typing with nail polish on right now. A first in ARSFIPT history.

Jeff no longer suffers from the "C.O.M.S." or The Curse Of Mel Stottlemyre.
In 1926, Babe Ruth was called out trying to steal 2nd Base, & the Cards had their 1st World Championship.
Off topic..hope you had fun last night, and the blogger issues are resolved. And this place, Universall Hub, featured my post today about my Dad, and Red. check it out....
In the more important category, the Cardinals tied the Red Sox in World Series wins in the 21st Century, with 1.

And the Yankees? Still at 0.
Great call, Q.

Peter, that site had me on their list of blogs well over a year ago, so I linked them at the time. Then I went more recently, and saw I was nowhere to be found there. So I took them off. So no need to advertise for them here, thanks! (People can always click on your name to get to your blog, where I'm sure you've got a link to them anyway, as well as your original post.)

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