Monday, September 18, 2006

You Know How I Hate Losin' To The Pie-Ritz!

Remember this? They'd send you that brochure, with "Tippy" the turtle, and "Pirate" the pirate? (Tomorrow is Talk Like A Pirate Day, by the way.) And it would say, "Draw Me." And you'd send it in, and they'd be all, "You're an artist" or "You can't draw for shit." And you'd be all, "I don't need you, Art Instruction School."

That guy reminds me of Van Gogh's teacher- he was a real corporate stiff, too...
Cap'n Slappy:

Isn't he the one who looked like a 6th Grade Girl in Game 6 of The '04 LCS?
My girlfriend actually had a crush on this dude in junior high. Yea. Not joking.

To clarify- not my girlfriend when I was in junior high... my girlfriend NOW, when SHE was in junior high.
OK, I watched the commercial- it wasn't this guy. It was a different "art test guy."

Still though.
Let's find a picture of THAT guy, then! Did she do the test? And if so, was it really just so the guy would notice her?
I'd go with an "almost definitely" on both counts. I'll ask her the dude's name tonight, she'll certainly remember.

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