Saturday, September 16, 2006

Ya, Keith

I was made aware of this excellent 9/11 piece by Keith Olberman at L-Girl's blog, We Move to You Can't Do That On Television-Land. So I found the YouTube version and slapped it up here. Check it out, it's about 9 minutes long.

I just wanted to tell you how nice your blog looks. I also like how you very modestly did not shout out your changes.
Holy crap! What happened here?!? This is like when Bewitched switched from B/W to color in the middle of it's run. Are we going to get a new Darren too?

And Keith Olberman has been doing outstanding work for a while now. Too bad he's a Dunbar fan.
JS: Thanks from the BOMH.

AJM: Dick Sargeant, Dick York, Sargeant York.

I noticed you and Peter have specifically mentioned "color," as if there was none here before. I did have that reddish-orange banner. Maybe the new yellow background combined with the craziness up top just makes it feel like the old thing was B&W. Not saying that you said it was B&W, but you did mention color and so did Peter, so I thought I'd clarify. Ish.

That's right, didn't his mom get hit in the head at Dunbar Dome once, and she was there because she was a lifelong season ticket holder, hence giving him away as a Dunnie fan? Or was that Dan Patrick?
A Dunbar Fan & Season Ticket-Holder to Boot!

His mom was hit by an errant throw from Knobloch;

Keith commented that Knobby was moved to Left Field, hence his mom was no longer in Knobby's Line of Fire.
Marvelous Keith!

ThankYou, Jere, for sharing it with us.
The yellow backgound is awakening! And I first saw the new blog set yesterday. It looks beter today! I just wrote a Suday "opus" of jumbled post season Yankee thoughts. Your comments would be appreciated, hell treasured. Thanks Jere, and great job on the "redesign." And thank goodness your writing remains the same. I'll see you on "my side," Thanks.
And by utilizing color, no way you 'jumped the shark" as many TV shows did.
Thanks for the link, Jere.

I'm still amazed at what I see on TV here.
That's right, Knobby hit her. There should be a support group for people who accidentally got hit by Knoblauchian objects. Glad to share the Olberman, Michael. But it was L-girl's site where I saw it first.

I'm glad you're diggin' the yellow, Peter. Just knowing I've done something that it could be debated whether or not it jumped the shark is good enough for me.

L-girl: Even green slime falling on someone's head? That's appalling! You just can't do that....

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