Thursday, September 07, 2006

Weekend Ahead

Yanks go to Balty. Chisox have four against the Natives. Minny has the Mote Sit Kits in the H-cubed dome for four. We get to play the Royals. I think we can gain here. On somebody. Anybody. Come on, Red Sox, be pretty! Be pretty! I'll be there Friday night and I expect nothing less than a 10-0 win over KC.

I was supposed to be in M2, row 2 on sunday...that was before we went to South Carolina...don't get married, dude, just don't do it...
My name's Paul, and that shit's between y'all. But I'd totally take those tix off your hands if I didn't have a mark prior engagement.
Isn't a 'mark prior engagement' another way of saying 'stint on the disabled list'?
Jere - As a Sox fan and to get some redemption, do the Sox have to sweep against the Royals? I would imagine so. It was pretty embarassing to get swept by the Royals. The same way it was embarassing for me last year.
The Sox are for all intents and purposes out of the playoff picture at this point They're reduced by injuries to starting Kevin Jarvis and Julian Tavarez in 2 of the 3 games this weekend. They are without their closer, and their lineup contains a bunch of guys just off the DL who still don't seem to have their timing back.

So given all that, why should they be expected to sweep the Royals? The results for the balance of the schedule really just don't matter all that much; any 'redemption' for the Sox is going to come in 2007.
AJ, there's something about this team, at the heart and soul level, that will not give up. And that comes from Terry Francona, who is more than a manager, at least this year and with these Sox. I wrote about that this morning, using a paragraph or two from today's Herald as a starting point. Check it out. Jere listed me (thanks!) in his links column. I'd like Jere's readers' opinions. And maybe even the man himself. Oh, have a great weekend, and have fun at Fenway, Jere.
Don't get me wrong, Peter; I still hope that by some miracle this team manages to squeeze into the playoffs, and I do expect them to continue to play hard and certainly don't expect them to quit. But I think it's very unrealistic, and unfair, to expect anything great out of the current 25-man roster in terms of victories over the short balance of the 2006 regular season. Specifically, I was responding to the idea that sweeping the Royals this weekend for some form of redemption was a fair expectation...with all the injuries, they just don't have the talent level on the roster right now to be expected to sweep any team. Frankly, I think taking 2 out of 3 from a team as strong as the White Sox was pretty remarkable.
AJ, thanks for the reply. And I agree.....right now the available Sox players should be happy taking two of three from ANY major league team. But they will play "all out." That we both know. Take care. Feel free to comment at my place. It would be an honor. I mean that.
Peter, you've always been in my links. Anyway, Twins and Chisox lost last night, so we're 5 1/2 back. It's doable.
I'd say if we win all our games up to next Friday, we have an outside shot. If not, it's over.

I guess it could happen, but I'm past the point of worrying whether it will or not. It'd be nice, though.
Happy birthday, Jere!
Happy Birthday, Jere!

It's Time for Timlin to retire.
BSM: Yeah, at least the pressure's off, in a way.

Empy and ML: Thanks.

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