Thursday, September 14, 2006

So Very Tired

What just happened? I get an email from my mom saying she couldn't get to my blog without finding Google-cached pages. (That's quite impressive for my computer-not-that-literate mom. Nice job, mom!) I checked into it, and sure enough, a blank page had replaced my blog. I clicked on "page info" and it said something about "expiring" at 11:51. Whatever it was that unexpired started at 6:something. So I checked back after 11:51, and now it's back. ?.

Just watched Boston Sports Guy on Colbert. He said Boston people wish things were like they were before 2004. Yiggity yawn yawn yawn. This guy gets a column? (I hear he's callin' himself some other wacky name nowadays...) Tonight's "real" post conming soon. Oh, and the Sox won tonight, while I was out.

There was the blank page:

Boston Sports Guy on Colbert IS a blank page;

So are Nichael Kay, Al Leiter, Bobby Murcer & Tim Mc Carver.
I had an early morning problem with an error message, here too, but it resovled itself before 7...phew!
I was coming over here actually to tell you this in the event you'd missed it.

It's been ten years since I was 15, but watching it, all I could think of was "WHAT A FUCKING SELLOUT." Which brings me back to 15, when I was very liberal with that notion.

Honestly, it's been repeated by many, but his Digital City stuff was amazingly funny and great- and he just sucks complete ass on every level now, including all the Patriots stuff where he acts like a Yankee fan.

Too bad.
Last night, my world was turned upside down when repeated attempts to load ARSFIPT yielded nothing but a blank white page.

I agree with BSM about BSG...he was absolutely outstanding back in '99-'01 on the Digital City site, and he still writes well about the Celtics, but he really should be banned from writing about the Sox at this point. That "We should have kept Cabrera and Roberts" schtick is particularly grating. I knew his Uncle Lou pretty well a few years back through the local Babe Ruth program; very nice guy, even for a Yankee fan.

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