Sunday, September 17, 2006

Selfish Jeter Costs Yankees Game

You saw it, right? Jeter, knowing it may very well be the last chance to continue his streak, with a man on second and one out, has a 3-0 pitch, and, thinking not of his team, but only of his beautiful, beautiful self, takes a hack, grounding out. His team would go on to lose by a run. Oh, you're gonna tell me the game meant nothing? So, I can go ahead and call bullshit on all the times you've said "Jeter gives his all no matter what the situation"? The very backbone of his media-invented MVP candidacy?

Eh, some say I'm a little harsh on ol' Jetes.

Moving on, that was some fun shit tonight. Seeing Coco rob the HR in the same spot as Melky's bumbling rob, after which Damon cheered like a six-year old winning the state hopscotch championship, was cool. So was seeing Cora run on Bernie, who proceeded to four-hop one to the plate like a six-year old who just won the state hopscotch championship and was then asked to throw a ball a long distance.

What was with the Yankee fan lady in the crowd clasping her hands together as if it was a life-and-death situation? There were others besides her. My first thought was, "bunch of phonies." Then I realized that my past accusation--Red Sox games are their World Series--is coming to light here. They know they're not going anywhere in the playoffs, and even in the games they do play in October, well, what's the fun in beating, say, Detroit, anyway? These fans want to beat the Red Sox, and this was there last chance. So in a way, it was better for us not to make the postseason this year! How's that for a justification....

Then again, they were mostly gone by the seventh, leaving mainly Sox fans there to cheer loudly as Boston tied it and took the lead. So maybe, like always, they just don't pay attention until their friends tell them it's the playoffs.

Oh those Dunbar fans. Always committing terrible jobs. A world where their whole life revolves around us, where they can only be happy when they beat us, I love it.


Oh, and you saw how they showed the Jeter blood catch just because a balllanded in the same area? Proving my point that it's not the fact that the catch was made in a key situation, it was what it looked like: the unnecessary dive, the blood, the paralyzing eyes... it's so shitty. My new rule is, any time I see the Jeter catch, I provide for you, the Pokey catch:


Loved this post. In fact, I loved yesterday. If only....if only it was mid-August. But there still is Papi, sitting on 49, with three to play at Fenway. What a volcanic situation when he unloads. Please Papi, do it at home, against your former team..the Twins. WOW. September excitement lives! Thanks Jere
I really wanted to see Papi do it live. I have tix for Wednesday, but decided a while ago I wasn't gonna take one or TWO days in order to get up there for that one. But my girlfrined is closer so I have given her the tix, and she will proudly represent, and hopefully see Papi break the record.
Let's hear it for the Eastern League Champion Portland Sea Dogs!

Portland Wins Game 5, 8-3 To Claim 1st E.L. Title
Devern Hansack tossed eight strong innings, Brian Myrow belted a two-run home run and Keoni De Renne highlighted a four-run third inning with a three-run triple as the Portland Sea Dogs defeated the Akron Aeros, 8-5 Sunday in Game 5 of the Eastern League Championship Series to claim the franchise's first Eastern League title.
To stay on topic:
Hitting streaks are the most overrated accomplishment in baseball; Teddy Ballgame had a higher batting average than Joe D during the course of DiMaggio's 56-game streak. So, given that, it would have been very appropriate in a way if the third most overrated player of my lifetime (behind Pete Rose and, I'm sad to say, Nolan Ryan)had gone on a 57-game streak.
That's actually one of the earliest lessons I learned in life: Ted had a better average over Joe's streak. I've probably mentioned it on this blog a few times.

You're dead on. I'm surprised I didn't think of that--how appropriate it would be if Jeter got that record. I've always just rooted for some schlub to break it, that's always been my dream.

They are so overrated. If I did one good thing at work every day and fifty bad things, I'd be fired, even if I did it every day for a year.

The only thing difficult about a streak it is the pressure put on you by everybody once the streak gets pretty long. But you don't have to succumb to it.

And good job, SeaDogs!
Speaking of Rose, go to YouTube and search 'Pete Rose commercial.' Watch the Aqua Velvet one. Disgusting.
jfJere, I remember watching that commercial when it was originally broadcast; I always thought Rose was a slimebag, years before the gambling revelations. And as overrated as Jeter has been by the national and New York media, no baseball player was ever as overhyped relative to his actual playing ability than Rose. And Rose was a complete hound for publicity. That all-time hit record was a sham, given the # of ABs it took Rose to get it, and the fact that he was abusing his position as Reds manager at the end of his career to attain it...Nick Esasky should have been starting at 1B ahead of him, but he was writing himself into the starting lineup instead. Talk about putting yourself ahead of the team...

Pete Rose & Derek Jeter;

The belong in an Operette, singing "Me, Me, Me, Me, Me";

Like Microsoft Word, it's sheer hype.
Ah the Pokey catch, made my day.
now if he caught the ball 10 feet away ferom the stands then did 3 backflips and ended up landing in the stands and breaking his face? THAT would be a Jeter catch. but ya know normal shortstops just ya know get the ball
Haha, Katiee. Good call. Scroll down further for my full report on the Jeter catch vs. Pokey catch.

jfAJM: Yeah, TJ by Rose overall. In all aspects of his life. We should make a movie or something about an alternate reality where Nick Esasky becomes the greatest baseball player of all time. In it, he wouldn't have to deal with Chuck Hustle or vertigo. Esasky forever (bearded or shaven). Long live Neeck.
heh heh heh...the 'jf' was actually the first two letters of the verification word to post that comment; somehow it got stuck in front of your name. Oops.
A little part of me thought it could've been some internet phrase I'd never seen before: "jfJere"= "just for Jere," like, you were only talking to me. Staranger things have happened. Anyway, here's to the new internet phrase that I just invented, for when talking in a thread and you only want the ear of a particular person.

jfDunbar: TJ!

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