Friday, September 22, 2006

More Than An Incomplete Game

More than an incomplete game to me...

Julian with the el completo.

I was loking at Red Sox home run records, and I found out that David Ortiz already held the team road homer record, with 27 last year. This year, he's already shattered that with 31.

He also holds the single-season team record for most homers as a DH, and is tied with Ted Williams for the most HR in extra innings, with 3 in 2003.

Did you know Yaz and Nomar are tied for the most times hitting a HR in two consecutive games in a season by a Sox hitter? That also ties a major league record.

And Tris Speaker's eight inside-the-park homers, most by a Red Sox in one season, is a number that will most likely never be broken.

Okay, let's make a quiz out of it: Who holds the Red Sox single-season record for most HR by a third baseman? (Quiz does not count in standings. Quiz season doesn't start for another week. Or longer, if the Red Sox pull off the still possible miracle of making the playoffs.)

Tomorrow it's Hansack, ninth Nicaraguan to play in the majors, making his debut for the Sox. My parents will be there...

Not sure of the quiz answer. But I just read that Manny, through his agent, has asked to be traded again. Is it time for Manny to be Manny elsewhere? Until I heard this news, I was so in favor of him batting cleanup next year. Now, I'd like you and your readers opinions. And Matt Clement yesterday, walking out and going home. Wha???? Need feedback Jer.
Jere: The Red Sox record for home runs by a third baseman is Butch Hobson, with 30 in 1977. I think he batted eighth that season.....
Great job, Quinn the Quizmaster. He did do most of his damage from the 8-hole. 17 HR there, 11 in the 7-spot, and one each from the 3rd and 6th positions. Thank you retrosheet. And the orignial quiz info I got from redsoxdiehard.

I liked Butch as a 5-yr old, as I thought his eye-black looked really cool in his pic in the '81 sticker book. I didn't like him so much as a 17-yr old, though. (Do the math.)
And Peter, where did you read this? I saw an angry article by Edes saying basicaly "I hate Manny, that liar."

ANyway, with people saying stuff like that about him, I don't blame him for wanting to go play somewhere elese. I just hope Manny knows the real fans love him.
As a manager, in the restaurant business, but that isn't really important to my point, I frequently come across servers and bartenders who are well loved by their customers, sometimes by their co-workers, who make a lot of money and generally appear to an outsider to be great people. But sometimes, despite what a great server they are, they're a terrible employee. They're constantly late, they inconvenience others, they are hell on management, and they're generally in it only for themselves. We fire people like that, despite the fact that by doing so, we may piss off some of their regular customers. Then what do we do? We hire someone else, and the regulars get their lunch, and they forget all about the person they thought was so great. Is waiting tables at Ceiba like hitting cleanup for the Sox? No, of course not. But sometimes in any business, people just aren't good employees, and you have to let them go. It's time.
Jere, don't get me wrong. I LOVE MANNY. All his quirks, all his Mannyness, they're fun! But the timing of his request, yet again, has me baffled. There is nothing more I'd like to see than the big guy batting 4th, behind the Papi we love. But sometimes, sometimes, he baffles me. A little frustration mixed in with his lack of being there, I guess. And I tried to email BSM yesterday when I read Edes' article, but the email link, as well as the IM link on BSM is non-functional. Bad job T. Coming up on Lost...I might need to reach you!! Please, if you read Jere, and you do, shoot me an email. We need your lost comments SOMEWHERE. I have ideas where. Thanks Jere.
Oh, perfectly said, Matty.

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