Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Life Of A DH

During that last Jimmy Fund pledge drive, I heard that Jason Giambi made a donation from the Yankee clubhouse during a game at Fenway. Today, I heard Giambi shaved his moustache (hooray for us!) in the clubhouse between at bats on Monday night. And it got me thinking about designated hitters and all the time they have to just screw around. You could get your at bat in, then go to the clubhouse, take a shower, get into your bathrobe and pipe ensemble, and work on your novel for literally an hour. And if the other team's got a superstar on the mound and your team is throwing Jason Johnson, you could get an entire night's sleep in bewtween at bats.

That's enough of that lame topic. Now, on to Guns 'n' Roses. I found this video of them on Headbanger's Ball, during the pre-Rachtman era. It's from '87, but I taped in in '93. The host tells the five stoned band members, on the count of four, to join him in saying... well, just watch. This cracks me up every single time. Click below.


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