Thursday, September 14, 2006


The baseball off-season is the QUIZ on-season here at ARSFIPT. The '04-'05 Quiz season was won by [never added it up] and the prize of [never came up with one] was [not] awarded to that person. The '05-'06 campaign, in which quizzes were named using the Greek alphabet, in honor of the fact that the hurricane season went throught the alphabet and then moved on to greek letters, was won by [again, never added up the results]. No prize was advertised or awarded. Also, the '05-'06 preseason was won by Nick Smith, the closest we've ever had here to a coherent, willing-to-debate-without -calling-me-stupid Yankee fan. Smith got pissed, though, after his claims that he was the best at quiz-answerin', when he found out it was only preseason. He never returned. These are all things you should know going into the '06-'07 Quiz Season. The scoring system is controlled by me. Maybe this year I'll actually keep track of the stats, and who knows, maybe a prize will be awarded. But don't hold your breath.

To warm you up for Quiz Season, here's an easy one for you:

Who was the only human being to appear on The Brady Bunch and hit for the cycle in the same year? (Note: It's not like anybody else did the two things in separate years...)

Wes Parker, LA Dodgers, 1970, episode: "The Undergraduate"
Dammit...I knew the answer to this one! Can't believe mattysox beat me to it. Can I get some partial credit by pointing out that Wes Parker was one of Dodgers to be featured in a Brady Bunch episode (the other being Don Drysdale)?

And I'm going to immodestly point out that I haven't been too bad at your quizzes. At least, I haven't been too bad at coming up with plausible answers, even if they weren't always correct.
Congrats, Matty, it is Wes. Last Dodger to hit for the cycle, first to be on Bunch.

AJM, yes, you've been good. I wouldn't worry about partial since it's preseason, but good call on the Drysdale. So weird they were both on, and in the same year, too. Drysdale was retired at the time, though.

Meanwhile, I can't seem to get to my blog without going to a google-cached page. Maybe it'll be like a secret blog now...

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