Friday, September 01, 2006

Knight Cruz

Click above. From Berman's Nickname Show, Xmas '93. On the Julio Cruz stolen base higlight, check out Remy, who receives the throw. He tries to fake out Cruz by pretending he's forgotten about him, then turning around real quick. Doesn't quite work. For Remy to think Cruz would've actually strayed off the base in that half-second where he turns around is ridiculous. I thought it was funny. Game is May 6th, 1983. (This explains how I inadvertently came up with theMays/Buckner/Griffey thing.) I saw that number 22 was at first, and I thought it was Buckner. Turns out he only wore 22 for the Sox in '90. It was Ed Jurak at first. A little more retrosheeting led me to only two games where Cruz ever stole second for the M's at Fenway. On May 8th, he did it, but Remy had left the game before it happened (don't know why he left after one at bat; he started the next game and played in 146 games that season)--and it was a day game. So this night highlight with Remy has to be the sixth inning of 5/6/83. Cruz would steal third after that, and then score on Jamie Allen's two-run single, giving Allen the first two ribbies of his career. He'd end up with 21. That gave the M's a 4-2 lead, but Jim Rice's three-run double in the seventh gave the Sox the win, as Remy scored the go-ahead run on the play, before Rice was thrown out at third trying to stretch. Later, Jurak knocked in Rich Gedman with an insurance run. 6-4 Sox, final. We stayed in first by .5 games over the Orioles, who kept pace with a 9-2 victory against the A's at Memorial Stadium. Daryl Strawberry would make his major league debut on this date as well.

But enough about that, click above for one of the greatest cartoons ever. Actually, this is from a Banana Splits episode (one of my favorite shows as a nursery schooler, depite not being high while watching) that I taped during a BS marathon on TBS in 1993. I watched this the other day and thought it was so funny how...succint is was. Then I realized there's an edit there right after the opening theme. But it works as a ten-second cartoon. Opening title, summary, donkey, the end. Perfect. From 1968.

Jon Lester diagnosed with "anaplastic lymphoma" which is apparently treatable.

When it fucking rains it fucking pours, huh?
And Papelbon has a shoulder injury. And Schilling's out too.

Please, someone put Beckett in a hermetically sealed environment so he doesn't hurt himself before next season. Maybe one of those Star Wars carbonite things?

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