Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"Huxtable Residence"

For the original Matty/Jere/Manny post (from, like, a few hours ago), scroll down, it's directly below this. Or click here. But as an accompanying piece to that, I've created what the scene might have looked like. Click above. Read the post below for background.


I pray to god that "Saved by the Bell" is as well archived as the cosby show, or else my argument won't have a leg to stand on. I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it!!! Where are my caffeine pills?!
Brilliant. There is so much to learn from that show.
Holy cow, was that funny!

HAppy Birthday, Rich.
Also, this is indisputably the greatest moment on that show ever- if you ever meet someone that's seen more than one episode of this show, it's a guarantee one of them is this episode. It's such a touchstone scene.

Great show. Thank god for Nick at Nite, right?

The word verification thing takes me three tries every time, minimum. Me=tardfarm.
Yeah, just search "cosby pilot" on YouTube to get the "real" clip, which shows much of the scene before this classic part. I actually videotaped my computer screen to get just this part, as you may be able to tell from watching it, if you watch the edges of the screen area.

It really was a good show in the early days.

I usually take two tries. I think it's the way some letters look like different letters. I swear I'm typing them correctly, but a lot of times it makes me try again.

Update: I'm literally about to try to type this word in for the THIRD time. Here goes...
I didn't get a chance to play this video today during work hours, so just catching up now, and all I can say is...WOW! I stand in complete awe of Jere's outstanding Cosby imitation...did you put on a very loud patterned, multi-colored sweater to get into character? And mentioning the Jell-O Pudding Pops, holy crap I'm dying here. It makes it even better that I agree completely on this whole Manny business...if they finally get there way and trade him this winter for 50 cents on the dollar (or less), then we can kiss the playoffs goodbye next season too. Sorry, Mattysox, but the difference between a restaurant server (even a really good one) and Manny is that the restaurant server is 1000 times easier to replace.

I'm glad it's not just me who always has a ton of trouble with the word verification thing.
The only thing that would have made the use of this quote better was if you had used it verbatim in reference to the Arroyo/Pena deal when it happened. And not changed the names.
"Gordon Edes or Eddies or whatever you want to call him with the Jell-O Pudding Pops"

I'm falling out of my chair here.
That's Gold, Jere!
Bania was just on tonight.

In an earlier take, I had Coz saying "curly haired boyfriend." It took me a couple tries, simply because of trying to get the timing down. I wish that had stayed in. Glad everybody enjoyed.

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