Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Have I Got Something For Myself...

I was at my video archive (my parents' attic) this past weekend, and I grabbed a tape that had some Red Sox footage from '89. Remember how my mom recently brought up the "Rock Around the Clock" parody, "Red Sox Rock"? Well, that commercial was on that tape. It's funny, since, I remembered all those other songs they used to use, but it was my mom that remembered that one, and now I've got it for you to enjoy. I'd also wondered if these songs that were used as Red Sox themes were made by channel 38, or specifically by the Connecticut affiliate I used to get the games on. And this answers that question, at least for this particular song (although it's just a commercial, not the actual theme played before the game, which changed year to year--Obsession, Every Little Kiss, Industrial Disease, etc.): The jukebox says "WVIT Red Sox Rock." So that means channel 30 did indeed produce this commercial on their own. (Note: on jukebox, the "other" song is "Infield Twist." I'd like to get a bootleg of that one.)

I've also included the end of the previous inning, which includes the classic end of inning song, to which my dad would sing "Here we go Red Sox here we go," which fit in perfectly to the eight note "chorus." You'll see the late John Cerutti pitching to Luis Rivera. Then there's a little "The More You Know" segment. I wonder if that girl went onto fame in the science world. And then, a commercial for a certain product you may have heard of. Then it's "Red Sox Rock," then a news byte from Joanne Nesti, then back to the game, for a nice play by Esasky. Game is from 7/3/1989. One of the first SkyDome games. Announcers: Sean McDonough amd Bob Montgomery. Click beow:

Oh, and share in my Connecticonfusion as Sean McDonough brings up a question about MASH. While we were getting the newsbrief, WSBK-38 viewers were no doubt getting a preview of that night's MASH episode. We'd regularly hear about how "Hogan's Heroes" would follow the game, but it never would, because we were watching on the affiliate.

And that's Clemens talking to the cop, I mean mountie, in the bullpen, though Sean ignores him when mentioning who's in the 'pen.

In case you made the good decision to miss it, the Sox played last night, and won easily 6-1. And by that I mean they would've won 6-1 had Timlin not come in and made it 6-5, before someone other than him was called upon to close the door. It was funny seeing how Camden Yards was nearly empty, but the only people who were there were Sox fans.

These clips you put up are the best, Jere, those litte (but super-distinctive) things are what best transport me back to a time/place I had forgotten about. Thank Yahweh for the Jerevaults!
Glad you enjoy them! I always knew this stuff would have some use some day. Anybody being amused by any of it besides me is a bonus.
Jere, you've served up yet another great Sox clip from days gone by. But you were right the first time when you said Clemens was chatting with a cop. The officer is definitely not a Mountie - the Royal Canadian Mounted Police ("Mounties") are not used in the province of Ontario except for private detail, such as security for the prime minister. The officer yapping with Roger was either a Toronto city cop or - worse - a stadium security guard.
And that was meteoroligist Brad Field, who is still with WVIT30 as their chief weather guy, doing the voiceover for the spot after the inning ender. And the video quality was Ok! I really should get some of my tapes from the 80s to you. Any thoughts on the best way to do it? Email me. I have some games taped in full from the '86 Series, the '86 clincher, with Oil Can pitching, and others. They were taped, with commercials, some in the LP, or 4 hour speed. And they are all in hard cases, that is hard plastic cases.
Nice. Yeah, clearly Field. I guess I grew up with that dude, but just never thought about it. Is he part of the Frank Field/Storm Field meteorological family? My fave CT weatherman name is definitely Skip Church.

About the mounties. I figured all Canadian cops were called mounties. And the ones who didn't ride horses, they were just unmounted mounties. My bad.

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